5 Ways Shiok Meats Could Change the World for the Better

We’re passionate about helping to improve the world. 

There are so many stories out there about climate change, pollution, and habitat loss that we thought we would give you some good news. 

Our whole purpose is centered around creating delicious, clean, and healthy seafood by harvesting cells instead of animals

Some of the benefits could be enormous:

1. Lower energy use. 

By growing our cells in bioreactors, we are only growing the edible part of the animals, not the parts that are usually discarded.  All of this means that our process could be more efficient and use less energy than currently farmed seafood.

2. Smaller land footprint. 

Many of the shrimps and prawns that are eaten are grown in farms.  Sadly, lots of these farms have come about at the expense of thousands of hectares of mangroves, a complex and rich ecosystem in coastal areas in tropical regions.  We aim to reverse that trend.

3. Lower water use without pollution.

Shrimp farm effluents are rich in organic matter which can hugely impact the aquatic health of coastal ecosystems.  We aim to stop this pollution by creating a better, cleaner, more sustainable way of making meat.

4. No antibiotics. 

Antibiotic resistance is a major threat to global health.  Without effective antibiotics, the success of major surgery and cancer chemotherapy would be compromised.  We are aiming for our process to be completely free from antibiotics.

5. Seafood anywhere.

Our process creates real seafood without needing farms or the sea.  This way we will be able to make our seafood close to areas of large populations.  Shiok Meats will bring fresh seafood to wherever it’s needed most.

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