Shiok Meats is an early-stage, cell-based meat startup, the first of its kind in Singapore (Shiok in Singapore English means enjoyable and fantastic). Our aim is to bring cell-based seafood to your table, which is health-, animal- and environment-friendly, by growing cells instead of animals in the lab.

Shiok Meats is founded by two stem cell and cell biology scientist-turned entrepreneurs and business women, Dr Sandhya Sriram (CEO) and Dr Ka Yi Ling (CSO) who encourage and understand the move for academic scientists to startups/industry – we are happy to meet you to speak about your career goals, aspirations and how you can grow with us!

Shiok Meats is seeking to hire the below positions (click on images below to know more). We hope that you’re as excited about cell-based seafood as we are and that you look forward to an independent and vibrant working environment with lots of room to grow. You will be an integral part of Shiok Meat’s growth and will help shape our long-term directions.

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Bioprocessing Engineer Lead

Bioprocessing Engineer (T-Up)