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Shiok Meats is a cell-based crustacean meat startup, the first of its kind in the world (Shiok in Singapore English means delicious and fantastic). Our mission is to bring cell-based crustaceans to your table, which is health-, animal- and environment-friendly, by growing cells instead of animals. Not only will our seafood and meats be delicious and cruelty-free, they will be nutritious and sustainable when compared to farmed or wild-caught seafood.

Shiok Meats is founded by two well accomplished stem cell scientist-turned entrepreneurs and business women, Dr Sandhya Sriram (CEO) and Dr Ka Yi Ling (CSO) – we are happy to meet you to speak about your career goals, aspirations and how you can grow with us!

Shiok Meats is hiring for several roles as below to further our R&D and accelerate commercialization. We hope that you’re as excited about innovation and cell-based seafood as we are and that you look forward to a vibrant working environment with lots of room to grow. You will be an integral part of Shiok Meat’s growth and will help shape our long-term directions.

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  1. Research Scientist – Cell Line (Stem Cells) Development
  2. Research Scientist – Media Development
  3. Computational Scientist
  4. Food Technology Intern
  5. Research Intern – SGUnited Traineeship

What our team members say about working at Shiok Meats…

“Organizations like Shiok Meats are rare – how often do you find such a great bunch of people on a worthwhile mission in a high-tech industry? I love working here!”

“ Working at Shiok Meats gave me the opportunity to grow as a scientist. I love working alongside people who share the same vision and passion for sustainability.”

“What I like about Shiok Meats is that it has a collaborative environment where everybody is there for each other. The team shares the same vision and is working towards a common goal of making sustainable seafood.”

“With an inclusive environment, Shiok Meats provides the perfect space for an individual to explore and grow professionally and personally. This credits to the founder’s vision and way the run the company.”

“I love being part of Shiok Meats as everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission.”