Shiok Meats launches the world’s first cell-based lobster meat in an exclusive tasting event

On November 20, 2020, Shiok Meats, the world’s first cell-based crustacean meat company based in Singapore, showcased the world’s first ever cell-based lobster meat.

Shiok Meats’ first ever cultured lobster meat featured in lobster gazpacho and lobster terrine.
Co-founders of Shiok Meats Dr Sandhya Sriram and Dr Ka Yi Ling presenting the new lobster prototype.

Shiok Lobster and Shiok Shrimp presented in a tasting menu

In an exclusive tasting event held at Innovate 360, Shiok Meats launched its’ first ever cultured lobster meat in two dishes.

Shiok Meats’ exclusive tasting event with invited guests.
Shiok Meats’ tasting menu at the lobster prototype showcase event

Shiok Meats first launched its shrimp prototype in March 2019, in the form of siu mai (Chinese steamed dumplings).

Healthy, nutritious, tasty, and sustainable protein option

The objective of the private tasting session was to give the invited guests a taste of a sustainable seafood future. Shiok Meats also wanted to showcase the versatility of their cell-based shrimp and lobster meats through a variety of dishes.

Invited guests at Shiok Meats’ tasting event.

Some comments from the guests:

“It’s really delicious. You can actually taste the shrimp and lobster. And it’s really fresh; I must say all the dishes are very impressive.”

John Ng, Partner, Signum Capital

“I’m just amazed by how it tastes, also knowing the process and how far it took to get here. Really impressed with the application – in the forms of spheres, gazpacho, and terrine . We can see the versatility of the product and the possibilities, so this is really exciting.”

Karen Tay, General Manager, Classic Fine Foods Singapore

“The taste is wonderful – to really get a sense of umami flavours that can be developed from this sort of technology, and by blending it with different bases, it really fascinating. It’s a great journey that Shiok Meats has been on for the past two years, and exciting to see it all come together.”

Adrien Desbaillets, President and co-founder, Saladstop

Important milestones for Shiok Meats

Chef José and Shiok Meats’ team

Chef José Luis Del Amo from TheTasteLab at Classic Fine Foods, Singapore, also contributed his impressive talents to the evening’s menu.

“We are ecstatic that we were able to showcase the first ever cell-based lobster meat that we produced in our facility. We are humbled by the support and enthusiasm of our team, investors, collaborators and industry experts.

In this exclusive tasting event, we invited some of the key stakeholders in the alternative protein industry. Our mission is to develop cell-based crustacean meats that are contributing towards a cleaner and healthier seafood industry and solving for the inefficiencies around global protein production.

We are working very hard on making sure that our products are delicious, healthy and affordable in the long run.”

Dr. Sandhya Sriram, CEO and Dr. Ka Yi Ling, CTO, Shiok Meats

While these are important milestones for Shiok Meats, they continue to work diligently on R&D, with a goal to launch their products in 2022, starting off with Shiok Shrimp.

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