The 4th annual Green Warriors list by Green Is The New Black

14th June 2021 – Green Warriors, the environmental award series and photo exhibit by Green Is The New Black, returns for the fourth year. The warriors have been unveiled online and will be showcased at a photo exhibition during the first hybrid Conscious Festival happening in France (at La Caserne – the biggest sustainable fashion accelerator in Europe), with gatherings in Singapore and London, and virtual for the rest of the world, from 24-26 September 2021.

Sandhya Sriram, CEO & Founder of Shiok Meats, is an awardee of the Green Warriors 2021

For pioneering cell-based meats in Asia and the world

What does biotech and stem cells have to do with sustainability today? The answer lies in the food we eat: but a very new kind of food. And Sandhya Sriram is more than well-equipped to tell you everything about it. A scientist, entrepreneur, investor and mentor, she’s passionate about biotech and stem cells and is on a quest to use biotechnology to disrupt Asia’s and the world’s food industry towards doing more good. Today, Sandhya’s the CEO and co-founder of Shiok Meats, the first cell-based clean meat business in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Their mission? To bring delicious, clean, and healthy seafood to your table. With Shiok Meats, she’s proving that sustainable options can rival traditional options, and do good for the animals and the planet while at it too.

The exhibition and list aims to highlight the work that is being done by tireless environmental advocates from different sectors and industries, and inspire others to take positive action to build sustainable communities. Celebrating 35 individuals from around the globe shaking up the sustainability scene, the portraits were shot by renowned photographers, Olivier Yoan and Nicoline Aagesen respectively based in the UK and in Denmark. Having shot for some of the biggest brands on the planet, both wanted to support these game changers and the work they do. 

Included in the 2021 list are writer and sustainable fashion activist Aja Barber, founder of Wonderfruit music festival Pete Phornprapha, Senior Director of Project Drawdown Chad Frischmann, @QueerBrownVegan Isaias Hernandez, Co-founder of Plant Based News Robbie Lockie, Vive-ann Bakos aka DJ BLOND:ISH, and many more. (The full  list can be viewed below). 

This year’s list features people from all walks of life, from social media activists, NGO founders, DJs to architects. Humans working at the international level, to those working at the local community level. And certainly, the issues our Green Warriors care about cross all aspects of sustainability and touch every part of our lives. Sustainability, after all, is no longer just about saving the planet, as we’ve all learned over the past year. 

Since the last edition of our Green Warriors list was announced, the world has gone through unprecedented times. With the current state of the world, we pushed the boundaries of our creativity and used digital tools to capture our warriors intimately in their homes, their safe spaces, their world – as part of our theme ‘Intimacy of the Soul’. 

Green Is The New Black founder Stephanie Dickson shares about what makes this year’s campaign so special: “This last year has forced a lot of us to innovate, pivot and get creative with how we operate, and our annual Green Warrior list was no different. The exciting part is, for the first time, we were able to celebrate warriors from around the world as borders were no longer a restriction in the digital sphere.”

Co-founder Paula Miquelis added, “We collaborated with two amazing photographers, Olivier Yoan and Nicoline Aagesen, based in Europe who shot our warriors all around the world from their phones. This allowed us to connect with our warriors in their intimate homes, lifestyles, and even family.” And the result? Paula says: “raw, authentic and stunning”. You’ll have to find out for yourself.

Photographer Olivier Yoan reflected, “Doing this project during the pandemic brought me excitement and meaning, in a time where meeting anyone new was hardly possible. Connecting with people from all around the planet, with the common wish to care for it, helped revive me, and bring me into the light, filled with hope for a world where contribution and the awareness of interconnectedness are the building blocks of society.”

Each of these incredible humans are changing the world for the better with their daily work and influence, we have a lot to learn and share from them. With such a wide range of Green Warriors, this campaign is proof that no matter where you come from, or what you do, you can make a difference. You can be part of the movement to save the world.

Join us in taking the time to appreciate their efforts and take inspiration to continue your green journey with #littlegreensteps.

The Green Warriors can be viewed online here.

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