5 Reasons Why We’re Based in Singapore

Our home is a beautiful tropical city-state of 5.8 million people just above the equator. Despite its small size and being a relatively young country, Singapore packs a real punch and is a fantastic place to live and work in.  Great food, lovely people, and summer all year round make for a great environment, but they aren’t the only reasons that we decided to set up Shiok Meats in Singapore.  Here are some of the others:

1. A “30 by 30” goal

By growing our cells in bioreactors, we are only growing the edible part of the animals, not the parts that are usually Singapore’s aim to produce 30 percent of the county’s nutritional needs locally by 2030 is certainly ambitious.  It shows that there is a place for Shiok Meats in Singapore and this initiative is something that we believe in and feel lucky to be a part of.

2. A start-up friendly hub.

Singapore’s start-up ecosystem is well established with many new companies setting up shop in Lion City. Our location in the heart of Asia gives us a huge gateway to Asia Pacific at large.  Nestpick recently ranked Singapore as number one on its list of best start-up cities.

3. A pro-business government.

The Singapore government attracts worldwide talent and entrepreneurs to set up shop here and expand beyond just SE-Asia.

4. 65% of the world’s population resides in Asia.

Asia is where the vast majority of the world’s population lives, so starting a cell-based seafood company in this part of the world makes more sense.  Seafood is also a real staple of the Asian diet and consumption of seafood in Asia is estimated to rise by 20% in the next ten years.

5. A huge market for shrimps.

Asia produces 70% of the world’s shrimps.  We are planning on Shiok shrimp being produced and eaten all over the continent.

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