Unfortunately, in today’s society, biases and gender stereotypes in science-related fields still exist. 

As a Women in Science-led company, we’d like to play our part and join the conversation with #WomenInScience.  

We asked some of our talented female scientists at Shiok Meats, “What does it mean to you, being a female scientist?”

Read on for more interesting and inspiring conversations!

We’re passionate about helping to improve the world. There are so many stories out there about climate change, pollution and habitat loss that we thought we would give you some good news. 

Our whole purpose is centered around creating delicious, clean, and healthy seafood by harvesting cells instead of animals.

Some of the benefits could be enormous! Read on to find out how.

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Join us at DiscovHER @ Science Centre

Meet us face-to-face at Science Centre this 29th Jan, 5-6th Feb at the DiscovHER exhibition! Singapore runs DiscovHER as part of a global effort to support and promote women and girls in their participation in STEM! ​

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